Z line bar

Meet this chocolate temptation, surrounded by a delicate sour taste and sprinkled with a pinch of magic.

Tempting healthy mix of superfoods. The slightly sour note of cranberry, with refreshing and energizing effect, merge into the sweet and bitter intensity of the chocolate.

This is complemented in harmony with the almond – the King of nuts.

The end of this magnificent flirtation of flavours is represented by the pinch of magic – the incredible tonka bean – a spice that gives the finesse and brings energy. With its charming aroma – mix of cinnamon, vanilla, amber and taste of bitter almond, it is a gift to the palate and the sense of smell.

The seeds of South American tree tonka,  also called the “tree of wealth and wishes” have magic and healing features.

Give pleasure to yourself and refresh with delicious, magic and charming cocoa energy!

What's Inside

Dates*, cranberries* 26%, almonds* 13%, cacao paste* 13%, cashews*, Tonka bean*

May contain occasional pieces of fruit pits and nut shells. Allergens are marked in bold.

What's missing?

GMO, gluten, no added sugar, preservatives, lactose, soybeans

The treasure

vitamins A, C, B complex, PP minerals Mg, Mn, antioxidants, flavonoids immunostimulants, proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, polyphenols omega 6, fatty acids, tryptophan, antiseptics