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A triumph of fresh and aromatic combinations in our taste collection.

A delicious tale of excellently balanced ingredients – the super cashew nut in a unique combination with the ancient chia, which is known as the energy food of Aztecs. The ancient food of the future which gives you strength and resistance during the whole day.

All this, combined with the favourite aromatic cherry, can carry you in a delicate pageant of tastes.

The perfection of this combination will conquer you!

Treat yourself with that sweet prize!

What's Inside

Dates*, cherries* 18%, cashew* 18%, Cranberry*, chia*6%, cacao butter*

May contain occasional pieces of fruit pits and nut shells.
Allergens are marked in bold.

What's missing?

GMO, gluten, no added sugar, preservatives, lactose, soybeans

The treasure

vitamins A, E, Bcomplex, Р, minerals Zn, Mg, Calcium, antioxidants, anthocyanides, melatonin, fiber, flavonoids, proteins,fructose, carbohydrates, omega 3 and 6, fatty acids, super energy