Z line bar

Our sweet temptation!

An unconventional combination of the queen of the seeds and the favourite strawberry is enriched with the intense cocoa flavour. A charming, sophisticated and coveted mix of pleasure!

A jewel of sensuality and delight and owes its fascination to the temptation power of the strawberry – one of the greatest aphrodisiacs in the world.



The bold combination of the tender aroma of strawberry and the pumpkin seeds saturated with trace elements, enzymes and vitamins will give you health, high spirits and a sense of romance.

Rich in vitamins, energy bomb with strawberry flavour.

Magnificent and incredibly tasty!

What's Inside

Dates*, strawberries* 26%, pumpkin seed* 26% cacao butter*, cacao paste*

May contain occasional pieces of fruit pits and nut shells. Allergens are marked in bold.

What's missing?

GMO, gluten, no added sugar, preservatives, lactose, soybeans

The treasure

vitamins C,A,B complex, minerals Zn,Mg, antioxidants, flavonoids, proteins, fiber, carbohydrates, essential fatty acids