Really RAW



Magnificent SUPERFOOD mix

Healthy delight with a delicious biography

This series of crackers is a premium and provocative offer to the demanding taste of those who want to eat healthy and at the same time enjoy delicious food.
By creating these crunchy crackers, we challenged ourselves with perfectionism and attention to detail, taste and quality.

And here is the result – The best crackers that can be produced so far.
And this is our gift to the consumer of today – the modern and respectful of their health.


This is an innovative product, natural and completely Raw.

Vegan, gluten free, lactose free, soy free, sugar free, palm oil free.

Composed of super foods, cashews, pumpkin seeds, sesame.

Naturally rich in fiber and unsaturated fats.

All ingredients are raw, live food.

Low carbohydrate.

Processed without heat treatment, at a temperature below 45 degrees C

to preserve all nutrients, vitamins, minerals and enzymes and all the energy given by nature.

A source of protein.

Perfect alternative to bakery products and snacks.

The ideal food for everyday life and diets.

Wonderful flavors and aromas of nature, of exotic spices, mixed in perfect combination with the velvety softness of cashews, enriched with the delicate texture of pumpkin, balanced with the crunchiness of sesame and chia seed make this product unique.

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